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What are the characteristics of decorative painting?

What are the characteristics of decorative painting?
Decorative painting is a natural and higher than the natural and idealized form of artistic expression, is the sublimation of people thinking. Characterized by simple, flat, order, etc., because of the times, the environment, economic and cultural, national spirit and aesthetic differences and have different styles.

Decorative painting highlights the characteristics of a decorative and appreciation, which is different from other pictures, patterns, colors and performance themes are beautiful and beautiful symbol. The important value is to meet people's decorative needs, its purpose is to beautify our lives, pleasant physical and mental.

Decorative painting in addition to the characteristics of the form of artistic expression, there are almost unlimited use of materials, the characteristics of a variety of materials can make a very perfect decorative painting.

In addition, the decorative painting also has the following characteristics:

Adaptability: Decorative painting is created for a certain purpose and use requirements.

Process: it is and process materials, technology means to combine the performance. Decorative painting by the means of processing and material constraints is its craft.

Decorative: the use of exaggeration, deformation, generalization and modification of the way, the layout has a standardized, stylized features.

Procedural: that is based on the inherent or convention of the pattern of routines to carry out. (Such as ancient Egyptian murals in the character modeling)

Exaggeration: exaggerated the performance of the object of the body, proportion, structure, tone, texture, pattern and other characteristics, increase the performance of the intensity of the work.

Now the decorative painting classification is more extensive, already contains Chinese painting, oil painting and many other forms of painting.



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