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Decorative painting style

Traditional classical: Zhuang end elegant, antique. Beautiful and solemn, with Chinese classical celebrities or landscape scenery and other ink, flowers and birds, fish and other animal ink painting, advocating natural taste, and can represent the traditional Chinese things and Chinese painting.

New Chinese classical: classical implicit beauty and modern practical elegance combined with elegant ideas. Cantilever embodies harmony, subtle, personality. Can have mosaic, abstract, character, photography and other modern decorative elements.

Modern simplicity: can reflect the modern elements and Chinese cultural connotation of the combination of paintings can be linked to maintain harmony with the bedroom style can be equipped with some modern themes or abstract themes decorative painting.

Roman style: the content focuses on the description of the enjoyment of secular life, the form of the pursuit of magnificent style, character performance emphasizes individuality. Outstanding achievements reflected in the building, portrait carving and murals.

Gothic style: painting brutal grotesque, lack of artistic taste, intricate. Representation is a stained glass painting, dark and strong color to the main, commonly used in several different colors overlap, the color level plus more. A feature to choose a painting.

Neoclassical style: the form is classical, the content is the revolution, the subject matter is religion, myth, revolution. Features: emphasis on rationality; composition on the emphasis on integrity; attention to sketches, contours, focusing on sculpture-like characters, not enough attention to color, by the characteristics of painting.

Baroque style: not neat, distorted, grotesque, romantic. Luxury features, it has religious, hedonism, rich romanticism, emphasizes the artist's rich imagination; it strongly emphasizes the movement; magnificent, full of dynamic, superb perspective variation, dramatic composition, ups and downs. 15th century 16th century period with this feature of the painting.

Lincoln style: the color of soft and beautiful; painting above the social life of men and women for the object, depicting naked or half naked women and exquisite gorgeous decoration, accompanied by heavenly natural scenery or foreign landscapes (such as Venice, Rome), plants (Sunflower, corn, etc).

Jane European style: neat, Shuangjie and refined, gorgeous, with more bright and fresh colors, both to retain the classical European elegance and luxury, but also more adapt to the modern life of leisure and comfort. The pursuit of deep and reveal the distinguished, elegant and soaked in luxury. Frame selection lines cumbersome, Phnom Penh, looks more heavy use of gold, carved frame.

Scandinavian style: fresh and natural colors, should be very modern. The walls are black and white Scandinavian landscape pictures are irregularly hungry, the atmosphere is comfortable and warm. Or hanging abstract paintings with modern elements, Nordic style painting.

Mediterranean style: the Mediterranean light foot, the color saturation is also high, gorgeous color. There are three typical colors: blue and white: Greek white village, beach and blue sea, blue sky into a piece, even the door frames, windows, chairs are blue and white color, with mixed shells, sand walls , Small pebbles, collage mosaic, gold and silver iron metal utensils, blue and white different degrees of contrast and combination to the extreme. Most of these areas believe in Islam, while the main colors of Islam are blue and white. Yellow, blue and purple and green: South Italy sunflower, South France lavender flower field, golden and blue violet flowers and green leaves matched, forming a different color combinations. Yellow and red brown: This is the unique desert, rock, mud, sand and other natural landscape colors in North Africa, supplemented by the deep red, indigo, and brass of the North American native plants, bringing a vast earthy feeling.

Mediterranean style Pastoral style: hanging in the Mediterranean elements or pastoral elements of the painting can be, or depending on the preferences of the owner. Sea, boat and sail, coast, beach, sunshine, blue sky, with Mediterranean characteristics of plants, shells, people around the entertainment life.

American classical: a painting that embodies the pioneering spirit of the American ancestors and advocates the natural spirit.
New American Classic: A painting that embodies classical style, personal style, and modern spirit.

American modern simple: full of fashion romantic feelings, mostly abstract paintings and art-based painting.
American Village: highlight the natural, rural characteristics. Reflect the natural comfort and comfort of life, people really feel the room filled with sun and field everywhere.

Japanese style: the painting contains natural elements, highlighting the soft, elegant and refined, simple, reflecting the integration of man and nature.
Korean style (Korean modern, Korean pastoral): the traditional colors are large area of white, with local yellow, and then dotted a little red. Respectively, to join the modern elements or pastoral elements or both, the picture elegant, solemn, not publicity.

Southeast Asian style (natural, modern): giving people with the nature, passionate feeling, style charming, mysterious, dark brown tone, antique.

Southeast Asian style elements: subtropical plants to palm-based, negative plants, such as spider blue, taro (dripping Guanyin). Landscape picture: tropical rain forest,: soft beach, sandstone sculpture, old wood, stone and so on, to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere.

Postmodernism (highly personalized, abstract elements): can meet the needs of the decoration can be the majority of modern elements; lattice, abstract, geometric graphics, letters combination.



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