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  • We are enlarging a new showroom
    We are enlarging a new showroom, many style for you choose.Welcome to visit our factory.The address is NO.83,DACHONG INDUSTRIAL ZONE,LISHUI TOWN, NANHAI DISTRICT, FOSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG PROVINCE. Our professional produicts as followed : 1.PVC Wall Panels 2.PVC Décor Mouldings 3.PS Frame Mouldings 4.PS Décor Mouldings 5.Artwork 6.Wall Mirrors 7.Photo Frames 8.Shadow Box Artwork
    06 2018-11
  • Mirror Frames
    Mirror Frames We create handmade high quality mirror frames at competitive rates. We also have a large range of mirror frames in our showroom in Foshan which are available for you to come and view. Our handmade mirror frames can be created to suit any requirements. We are here to assist you with finding the perfect frame for the item you wish to be framed. We will work with you and advise you on the size and colour of the mirror frame. We also have many different mounts that we can design for you to, more information about our mounting can be found on the Matt Mounting and Dry Mounting pages. We are equipped for orders from one bespoke mirror frame to producing high quality mirror frames in Iarge quantities at short deadlines; this is something we do for the leisure, pubs and caravan industries. Our prices ore very competitive and all of our work is produced to an extremely high quality. Our showroom in Foshan a stock of Mirror frames which we have already produces. We have a lot of different types of artwork in the frames so that you can have an idea of how your item will look in the frame. Currently we have photographs of local landmarks, images from our stock of posters and artwork many frames have the crystal art in them too. All of these are available to buy in our showroom. Mirror Strips Mirror Strips are 83mm x 4 mm  with a 7 mm bevel. Available sizes: 300mm 400mm       (can make any permutation of these standard sizes ) 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 1000mm We have included some images of our mirror frames on this page, this is only a small selection of what we can offer so please contact us or visit us to find out more about the Mirror Frames we can make for you.
    25 2018-01
  • Decorative painting style
    Traditional classical: Zhuang end elegant, antique. Beautiful and solemn, with Chinese classical celebrities or landscape scenery and other ink, flowers and birds, fish and other animal ink painting, advocating natural taste, and can represent the traditional Chinese things and Chinese painting. New Chinese classical: classical implicit beauty and modern practical elegance combined with elegant ideas. Cantilever embodies harmony, subtle, personality. Can have mosaic, abstract, character, photography and other modern decorative elements. Modern simplicity: can reflect the modern elements and Chinese cultural connotation of the combination of paintings can be linked to maintain harmony with the bedroom style can be equipped with some modern themes or abstract themes decorative painting. Roman style: the content focuses on the description of the enjoyment of secular life, the form of the pursuit of magnificent style, character performance emphasizes individuality. Outstanding achievements reflected in the building, portrait carving and murals. Gothic style: painting brutal grotesque, lack of artistic taste, intricate. Representation is a stained glass painting, dark and strong color to the main, commonly used in several different colors overlap, the color level plus more. A feature to choose a painting. Neoclassical style: the form is classical, the content is the revolution, the subject matter is religion, myth, revolution. Features: emphasis on rationality; composition on the emphasis on integrity; attention to sketches, contours, focusing on sculpture-like characters, not enough attention to color, followed by the characteristics of painting. Baroque style: not neat, distorted, grotesque, romantic. Luxury features, it has religious, hedonism, rich romanticism, emphasizes the artist's rich imagination; it strongly emphasizes the movement; magnificent, full of dynamic, superb perspective variation, dramatic composition, ups and downs. 15th century 16th century period with this feature of the painting. Lincoln style: the color of soft and beautiful; painting above the social life of men and women for the object, depicting naked or half naked women and exquisite gorgeous decoration, accompanied by heavenly natural scenery or foreign landscapes (such as Venice, Rome), plants (Sunflower, corn, etc). Jane European style: neat, Shuangjie and refined, gorgeous, with more bright and fresh colors, both to retain the classical European elegance and luxury, but also more adapt to the modern life of leisure and comfort. The pursuit of deep and reveal the distinguished, elegant and soaked in luxury. Frame selection lines cumbersome, Phnom Penh, looks more heavy use of gold, carved frame. Scandinavian style: fresh and natural colors, should be very modern. The walls are black and white Scandinavian landscape pictures are irregularly hungry, the atmosphere is comfortable and warm. Or hanging abstract paintings with modern elements, Nordic style painting. Mediterr...
    12 2018-10

1. 20年以上の経験を持つ工場は、モールディングの製造と輸出を専門とする現代的なベンチャー企業です。 2. hualun guanseは、迅速かつ強力な開発を目撃し、国内外のますます多くの顧客から認められています。 3.我々は、競争力のある価格、優れた品質と迅速な配信で生産を提供することができます。 あなたが興味を持っている場合、plsは私達に連絡することを躊躇しない。我々はあなたを助けるために全力を尽くす。 5.最高品質のPS成形品。あらゆる種類のデザインと環境に良い。健康で環境に優しい。 6.すべてのプロセスは、プロのqcチームによって制御されます。 7.我々は、すべてのクライアントのための高品質のサービスを提供することができますプロのビジネスチームがあります。 8.私たちは製造業者であるため、すべてのプロセスを最低コストと最高品質に制御することができます。要するに、他のプロセスよりも優れた価格を提供できます。 9.私たちの標準的な梱包またはあなたの要求で。環境にやさしい梱包材と経済的な梱包方法はあなたのために貨物を節約します。高品質のカートンは長距離輸送に適しています。 hualun guanse装飾材料工場は、製造と輸出psの成形に特化されます。私たちのpsの成形は、画像フレーム、フォトフレーム、ミラーフレーム、ホテルや家の部屋の装飾の分野で広く使用されています。私たちは、韓国から輸入された高品質のps原料を使用して、環境にやさしいps成形品を生産しています。 私たちのpsの成形は、腐食、ametabolicとdampproof、切れやすい、釘付け、糊付け、持ち運びや輸送、美しいとPSの任意の特殊な色、サイズやスタイルの特徴はあなたの要件に応じてカスタマイズすることができます。 20年の製造経験で、私たちは中国の主要なps成形メーカーとサプライヤーになっています。私たちはビジネスを拡大するために、高品質のPS成形品、非常に競争力のある価格、世界中のお客様に素晴らしいカスタマーサービスを提供することを目指しています。


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hualun guanse装飾材料工場Hualun Guanse Decorative Material Factory、梨江町、南海区、佛山市の広東省に位置し、製造と輸出を専門とする近代的なベンチャーです ps成形 、 写真フレーム 、 漆の絵 、 モダンな装飾絵画 、 中国書道 、 刻印された銅のアート&ホットスタンピングホイル 。 この分野での20年の経験を経て、Hualun Guanseは、迅速かつ強力な開発に着手し、国内外のますます多くの顧客に認知されています。Hualun Guanseは、常に顧客指向の戦略を主張してきました。 創業以来、Hualun Guanseは、常に良質で高い効率を目指して、顧客指向の戦略を主張してきました。現在、高度な管理モードと技術機器が常に採用されています。高い品質と優れたアフターサービスで、当社の製品は既にヨーロッパ、アフリカ、北米、中東、南アジアの顧客から好評を得ています。


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