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How To Choose Home Decorative Painting?

With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste, more and more people will like to buy a decorative painting to enhance the taste of home space, but it is not easy to buy a suitable decorative painting, how to choose the right decorative painting? Here Guangzhou Yixin Frame to give you a few small suggestions for your reference.

Three categories of decorative painting
● Hand-painted oil painting, high artistic value, expensive, with a collection value.
● Real object decorative painting, a new decorative painting, with the real object as mounting content.
● Prints decorative paintings, the paintings that selected, printed and published by publishers from the artist's works.

Living room
In the living room space, the sofa is the protagonist, so in the purchase of living room decorative painting is usually the center of the sofa, color tone consistent, picture content close, the same mounting style of series paintings is the first choice of living room furnishing.

The bedroom is decorated with warmth, romance and elegance. The common body oil painting, flowers and abstract decorative painting is a good choice of bedside decoration. In addition, the choice of bedroom decorative painting is different due to the different styles of the bed. Simple lines, wood grain surface of the bed suitable for the decorative painting with three-dimensional sense and modern texture frame.

Dining room
In the dining room with a bright and happy painting, will give you a pleasant meal mood. At present, the fruit, flowers and colors combinations as the theme of the abstract painting hanging in the dining room is quite popular.

Bathroom decorative painting to break rigid and cold feeling in the bathroom. Of course, the bathroom decorative painting first has the moistureproof function, in the monotonous decoration and simple colors bathroom, hanging a high saturation color of the abstract painting or art body painting will be a good choice for consumers, but the size of decorative painting should not be too large.

Conclusion: no matter which room, the decorative painting can not only play a finishing touch decorative effect, but also can make up for some small defects after renovation. Understand the purchase skills of decorative painting, and choose a decorative painting for your loving home to create a warm living space atmosphere.



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