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What are the characteristics of PS?

PS material performance characteristics
PS is usually a head-to-tail structure, the main chain is saturated carbon chain, pendant-based conjugated benzene ring, so that the molecular structure is irregular, increasing the rigidity of the molecule, so that PS non-crystalline linear polymer. Due to the presence of benzene ring, PS has a high Tg (80 ~ 82 ℃), so at room temperature is transparent and hard.
Polystyrene colorless and transparent, free coloring, the relative density is second only to PP, PE, with excellent electrical properties, especially high-frequency characteristics. In addition, in the light stability after the methacrylic resin, but the anti-radiation ability is the strongest of all plastics. Polystyrene is the most important feature of the thermal stability and mobility when melting is very good, so easy to shape processing, especially injection molding easy, suitable for mass production. Molding shrinkage is small, the shape of the product size stability is also good.
PS Material
PS frame features
Environmental protection: recyclable, free of harmful substances, no smell no pollution, green.
Stability: anti-oxidation, waterproof moisture, mildew moth, effective flame retardant, long-lasting performance.
Convenience: home furnishings are easy, building materials products construction convenience, can be cut, can be saw, can be nailed, can paint; according to customer needs to change the color and frame type.
Diversity: the product has more than 10,000 models, the product looks elegant chic, simple and return to nature.

Recycling: products can be recycled to use, truly 3R international environmental standards.



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